MINNEAPOLIS - A man who severely beat a store manager with a hammer has been sentenced to nine years in prison for the attack.

Andrew Hodge, a 26-year-old Minneapolis man, pleaded guilty to first-degree assault on Aug. 1 for beating a grocery store manager in the face with the weapon after he caught him stealing from the store.

Other charges of burglary and aggravated robbery were dismissed.

The victim suffered brain damage and a loss of his senses to taste and smell in the attack. He also required several eye surgeries, according to testimony in court.

During the hearing, Hodge admitted he broke into a grocery store around 6:10 a.m. on Dec. 31, 2016 on the 3700 block of Portland Avenue South. That triggered the burglar alarm and alerted police.

The store manager was also notified about the burglary in progress and arrived at the store before the officers.

Once there, he found the front door damaged and a man, identified as Hodge, stealing items inside. When he went to confront the man, Hodge beat him in the face with a hammer then fled the scene when police arrived.

Hodge was arrested after a short pursuit.