MINNEAPOLIS - A Twin Cities Lyft and Uber driver has one crazy story to tell after a recent pickup. It turns out he unknowingly became a getaway driver for two men who were trying to scam a bank. For a living, Michael Thorne tells stories on stage.

Thorne is a stand up comedian and drives his Prius for Uber and Lyft.

"After the adreneline went away and after I knew no one was going to get shot in my car, it was harrowing at first. Everyone keep their hands where I can see them," said Thorne.

While driving for Lyft on Wednesday Thorne picked up two men at a Motel 6 in Richfield.

He drove them to this Bremer bank in Eagan and was told to wait while one man went inside.

When that man came out a few minutes later. Thorne filmed his encounter with police.

"People who steal identities are always operating off the idea they want to be anonymous. In this case using a Lyft driver, that driver was able to be a great witness for us to lead us right back to where they were comitting the crimes and had all the credit cards stolen," said Eagan police officer, Aaron Machtemes.

Eagan police say they arrested two men, Ernest Barnard and Cameran Anderson. They're facing multiple counts of credit card fraud.

Police believe one of the men tried to withdraw money from stolen bank account numbers until a bank clerk became suspicious and alerted police.

"Often when they have a large amount of these credit cards it's stolen information that is put on to a credit card. We're still investigating what they were doing to obtain these stolen credit cards," said Machtemes.

As for Thorne...there is more material next time he hits the stage. "I posted on Facebook and one guy goes, you're a crappy getaway driver. I'm like um, I got away! Ha. I had nothing to do with this," said Thorne.