MINNEAPOLIS - The Vikings lost three times at U.S. Bank Stadium this season. The stadium also housed protesters hanging from the roof. But the messiest stadium situation just may have been how the stadium itself has been handled.

Today, Rick Evans, was introduced as the new CEO and Executive Director of the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority, the agency that runs U.S. Bank Stadium.

"To a certain extent, there's been an erosion in the public trust in what this great body and authority has done and will do in the future," said Evans, who was the assistant attorney general for 10 years and was the first executive director of the Minnesota Racing Commission.

"I look forward to working with the authority - the governing board if you will - and making sure that it's being operated in a style and in a fashion that is also world-class, first class," Evans added at U.S. Bank Stadium, just minutes after he was approved for his new position.

How did we get here, with a new CEO?

State representative Sarah Anderson, a Republican from District 44A in Plymouth, said it started - for her - last November.

"I'll kid you not, I was sitting at home making a pie for Thanksgiving," said Anderson.

That night, Anderson got a call claiming that Michelle Kelm-Helgen - the chairwoman of the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority - was using some of the luxury suites for family and friends. So, Anderson dug into it and found that this is how taxpayer money was being used.

"We have to pay for the debt on the stadium itself. So, any monies that we're diverting from that for entertaining friends and family, that is not helping to pay down the debt of the stadium or just maintaining the structure of the stadium itself," said Anderson.

Kelm-Helgen resigned last month. And, on Monday, the Minnesota House voted to restructure the agency, which Anderson says, will bring more checks and balances.

"I think for Minnesota we could really be the model of - this is how you go about fixing it so that it doesn't happen in your state," said Anderson.