MINNEAPOLIS - The Minnesota Golden Gophers baseball team is fully aware of what a Minnesota spring looks like.

The chance of snow in April is never out of the question. This year, with the Metrodome no longer available, the team was forced to schedule a lot of road games.

The bulk of its first 23 games this season happened away from the friendly confines of Siebert Field.

If you are wondering where they have been -- the answer is all over the map.

"We don't get back to camp usually until after midnight, one o'clock every Sunday night and you've got really three days to turn it around," said coach John Anderson.

"Its nuts, I mean, when we get back from our road trips, it feels like we're barely here until we're on the road again," said Bobby Juan.

Over the first six weeks of the season, Minnesota played 20 straight road games. They played in all four time zones and covered more than 13,000 miles.

"I forgot how quickly these weeks turn around," he said. "You don't unpack your bag completely. You just take the dirty stuff out and refill it and go again.

The Gophers went 13-7 on their cross-country odyssey.

Anderson said he actually missed the Metrodome.

"More than I thought I would, believe me, I knew I'd miss it a lot but it's more than I thought I would," he said.