ST. PAUL, Minn – Recently, some state troopers unknowingly helped one of their own during a blood run.
You know the enforcement side of the Minnesota State Patrol, but perhaps you don’t know that for troopers, blood runs in emergency situations are fairly routine.

Already this year state troopers in Minnesota have rushed larger amounts of blood to hospitals 34 times for patients who need emergency transfusions.

May 18th was the 34th call. It was a transfer from St. Paul to Redwing for Lisa Jaeger who was giving birth at the hospital.

Jaeger needed a C-section after being in labor for 36 hours and lost 3 liters of blood during the procedure.

"It was kind of bizzare. I could hear everything that was going on around me but I was not responding to anything the doctors were saying or asking me to do," said Jaeger.

Little did the troopers who rushed the blood to Red Wing know Jaeger has worked with the state patrol for 10 years in its fleet department.

"We figured out that these three troopers behind me were rushing blood to save the life of someone who works for us one of our best employees." said Colonel Matt Langer at a press conference on Thursday morning.

The troopers who got the mission were Jesse Einhorn, Jacob Letourneau and Dau Yang.

“I am familiar with the blood runs I even went on a blood run ride along once,” said Jaeger. “Never in a million years did I think one would save my life.”

Lisa and her husband Brent’s son, Ryan, is a healthy baby and just two weeks old.