MINNEAPOLIS -- Early voting is going strong in Minneapolis.

According to Minneapolis City Clerk Casey Carl, on Saturday the city set a record for single day turnout for in-person, early voting with 711 early voters.

"Minneapolis tends to be (as our mayor says) the votingest city in the votingest state in United States. But I'm still surprised that we've had this very sustained, strong turnout in a local election," Carl said.

As of Sunday night, according to the Minneapolis Elections and Voter Services Division's Twitter account, they had accepted 10,645 ballots.

"So in 2013 we had 33 percent total turnout in the last municipal election," Carl said. "We're on target to hit that again this year, maybe even surpass it. So 33 percent turnout is a really strong turnout, in my opinion, for a local-only city election."

The ballot at each of the 132 voting precincts in Minneapolis is different, with races differing based on address. Candidates also appear in different orders on the ballot.

"They're rotated on the ballot so that everybody gets a chance to be top of the ballot," Carl said.

You can enter your address and download a sample ballot here. You can do a practice vote and bring it into the voting booth as a reference. Your voting rights can be found here.

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"There are lots of things that Minnesota does to increase access to the ballot box for all voters," Carl said. "For example, if you physically cannot get out of your car at the polling place, you have the right to request curbside voting assistance where election judges will bring your ballot to the car."

Early voting is available in Minneapolis at the Early Vote Center at 217 3rd Street S., for one more day (Nov. 6) from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 7.

You can learn more about the mayoral candidates in Minneapolis and St. Paul here.