MINNEAPOLIS - In what they call an ongoing effort to increase transparency and build trust in the community, the Minneapolis Police Department has unveiled another data dashboard on its website.

As with previous “dashboards,” the device is an online tool that allows users to peruse police information and statistics. This time it deals with what police themselves acknowledge can be one of the more controversial components of police and community relations: the use of force.

“We know that when it comes to the trust and legitimacy that our communities want to have for us, this is key information that they want to have access to. So I was committed to making sure that we work to do that,” said MPD Chief Medaria Arradondo during a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

Arradondo said the tool allows both the community and the department to analyze and categorize their data, including where the incident happened, whether a weapon was involved, whether the confrontation resulted in any injuries and the race or gender of those who had force used against them.

Arradondo added that this type of information will also be used to inform department leaders as they continue to review training and policies that will help officers de-escalate a situation. And the chief acknowledged putting the information in the public’s hands will help to encourage a conversation between the department and the community it serves.

“We have held on to people’s data for far too long in policing. And my goal is to continue to release as much of that as possible,” he said.

To access the department’s online data, click here.