MINNEAPOLIS - Coming from his house less than 100 yards from source of the explosion, David Patz entered the rubble before first responders arrived.

"I think I was kind of in a state of shock but not even realizing. I don't even remember walking over there. I just seemed to have arrived," Patz said.

He arrived at Minnehaha Academy, the same high school he graduated from but hadn't stepped foot in since 1982.

"And then I saw Bryan on the ground," Patz said.

It was Bryan Duffey, the assistant soccer coach and grounds worker pinned underneath concrete blocks, which David and another Good Samaritan could not lift.

So Patz ran back to his house to retrieve a long steel bar. When he got back, two officers had arrived.

"One of the police officers, he ended up taking it and smashing it and those cinder blocks would just crack in half," Patz said.

With the tool breaking apart the cement, David and the others lifted the pieces off Duffey and got him to an ambulance as the danger surrounding them persisted.

"Just about 10 feet away there were about seven different flames about 6 feet high just kind of shooting up," Patz said.

Bryan Duffey survived with an amputated leg. The first responders were honored for their heroism.

This humble Good Samaritan hasn't met any of them since, but thinks about the encounter every day.

"Just because I live right there, every day I get on my bike to go to work and there it is," Patz said.