ST. PAUL, Minn. -- We're seeing these signs all over the place.

"We're hiring."

"We are hiring."

"Now hiring."

"Most of our locations actually have them up perpetually. We're always looking for the best people," said Wesley Dahle, a General Manager at D'Amico & Sons Cafe in St. Paul.

D'Amico & Sons has nearly a dozen locations around the metro, and Dahle says, they need cooks, servers, and people to make deliveries.

"We're not as high-end as some of the fine-dining restaurants and so we can't really afford to pay like that, and with minimum wage going up it's been tricky to find good people," said Dahle.

It's not just D'Amico & Sons. Places everywhere are "Now Hiring Awesomeness."

"We recorded more job openings during second quarter 2017 than we've ever seen before," said Oriane Casale, a labor market analyst with the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, which started crunching these numbers back in 2001.

They say, right now, there are more job vacancies than people looking for work.

"This is very good news. It's tough on employers. It's really great for job seekers right now, it's definitely a job seeker market," said Casale.

So, why aren't these jobs being filled?

Casale says, most of these are lower level positions that pay $11-12 an hour. Or, they're part-time with limited hours and no benefits.

"Employers are having a very difficult time hiring part-time employees because most people want a full-time position," said Casale.

It's hard to juggle two or three part-time jobs.

So, why do we have all of these openings now?

Casale says, Minnesota has seen steady job growth for seven-to-eight years now, and unemployment is still low at 3.8%. Also, the 'Baby Boomers' are retiring, and there aren't as many young people joining the work force.

But, they've got full-time positions at D'Amico & Sons and - they say - they're flexible.

"It's a rare occasion that anybody in this company is actually fully staffed," said Dahle.