FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. - There are plenty of ways to be spend money at the fair, but we’ve got some tips that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Minnesota State Fair spokesperson Danielle Dallinger says “Thrifty Thursday," happening on Aug. 24, is worth the savings at the door. Adult admission is $12, as opposed to the $14 regular price, and kids and senior admission is $9 instead of the usual $12.

Next, studying up can save you some cash. Crack open the Blue Ribbon Bargain Book for only $5.

“There are 150 coupons in here with just plenty of money-saving tips on food or attractions," Dallinger says.

Looking for a secret spot for freebies?

“The hidden gem of free stuff is going to be at the education building, as they have free bags, free pencils, free calendars, free everything," Dallinger says.

Food at the fair can rack up your bill, so don’t spend all of your dough on doughnuts. The state fair allows for guests to bring in their own food and water, which can pinch those pennies.

Finally, playing the waiting game could benefit your wallet.

"Our last day at the fair is called 'last chance day,'" Dallinger says. " A lot of our vendors offer some last-chance deal, pick up one of those flyers on the last day of the fair at any information booth.”

You can find a free Deals, Drawings, and Giveaway Guide at any information booth, or online.