APPLE VALLEY, Minn. - Ever watched a baby tiger grow up?

Now the Minnesota Zoo is giving you the chance.

The zoo is streaming its new endangered Amur tiger cub and her mother, Sundari, on a live webcam. The pair is being cared for behind the scenes, so the public can't view them anywhere other than the live stream.

The cub was born on April 26 and zoo staff had to step in to help when her mother was not showing the necessary level of care she needed at birth. Sundari is a first-time tiger mom, born at the zoo in 2012, and the zoo is working to keep her connected with her cub with the goal of reuniting them.

The Amur tiger of eastern Asia is the largest of all the cats. Poaching is its primary threat. There are about 500 Amur tigers in existence now, up from as low as 20 or 30 around 1940.

The Minnesota Zoo's Tiger Conservation Campaign raises money to help save wild tigers.

To watch the tiger cub's progress, check out the live webcam.