MINNEAPOLIS - July 2 marks the the very first day in Minnesota history that stores can sell alcohol on Sunday.

Thanks to the legislature repealing the Sunday liquor sales ban earlier this year, many people in the Twin Cities lined up to buy alcohol in celebration.

“What a great time to be able to buy beer on the Fourth of July weekend for the first time in Minnesota," said Minnesota Speaker of the House Kurt Daudt, who was doing his historic shopping at Stinson Wine, Beer, and Spirits in northeast Minneapolis.

Supporters say they're thrilled retailers can for the first time in state history decide when and how to sell.

“Those that can will participate, and those that don't want to certainly have the freedom to stay closed today," said Andrew Schmitt, with Minnesota Beer Activists.

Rep. Jennifer Loon (R-Eden Prairie) wrote the house bill that repealed the ban on Sunday liquor sales.

“All we're doing is giving businesses the option of being open and customers the option of shopping," she said.

Big Top Liquors Co-Owner Tommy Applebaum says he is supportive of the change.

“We’re already paying the rent on Sunday, so it doesn't hurt to open the door and get more business,” he said.