GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Monday was another big night for Minnesota's star on The Voice, as Jesse Larson won his knockout round with the song "The Letter" by Joe Cocker—an homage to his wife.


Larson recently took some time from his busy schedule to sit down with KARE 11's Cory Hepola and another Minnesota Voice alumnus, Kat Perkins.

Larson and Perkins talked life before and after the show, and how they both dealt with being thrown into the spotlight.

In his pre-Voice life, Larson had an equally high-pressure gig, playing guitar onstage with Prince. 

"I had Prince sitting 15 feet away from me, watching, critiquing everything I played on guitar," he says.

That experience, he says, helped to prepare him for the show. But he's still not comfortable in the spotlight.

"I'm a very quiet, introverted person," Larson says. "I've always just been the guy hiding in the corner. And so just me going out there and having these moments where I push myself and I'm an individual and I'm out there by myself, that's a very scary thing for me."

Perkins says she felt the same way.

"I always said I divorced my comfort zone for this experience," she says.

After winning the knockout round Monday, Larson will move on to the live shows on The Voice.