ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - A Minnesota Senate staff member says Democratic Sen. Dan Schoen sent her an uninvited, sexually explicit photo in 2015.

Ellen Anderson filed a complaint with the Senate's human resources department Tuesday. Anderson tells Minnesota Public Radio that Schoen used Snapchat to send her a message that included a photo of a man's genitals.

Ellen C. Anderson

Schoen, from St. Paul Park, was a House legislator then but was elected to the Minnesota Senate in 2016.

Schoen's attorney denied that his client sent that kind of message to Anderson or any other woman.

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Anderson says receiving the photo didn't make her feel unsafe, but she says it may be a pattern. Schoen is accused of having made unwanted advances toward women and groping a woman from behind.

Schoen says he doesn't intend to resign.