MINNEAPOLIS - He went from employee to CEO to Entrepreneur of the Year.

And on Monday, the 37-year-old owner of H&B Elevators was honored for bringing quality jobs to Minneapolis' north side.

Jashan Eison's company made all the elevators for the U.S. Bank Stadium – the very place he was honored on Monday. But that's not the only prominent building he's supplied.

"The new Yankee stadium, Children's Hospital," he says. "We did the cabs and the entrances for Burj Khalifa, which is known as today as the tallest building in the world."

Jashan Eison went from employee to employer. He now owns H&B Elevators. He moved the company from the city's south to north side in 2013 when he bought the business that was once on East Lake Street.

"We have grown tremendously," he said. "Not just in dollar figures, but how we do things."

And that growth hasn't kept Eison from connecting with the people who work for him.

"Jashan is about the nicest employer I have ever worked for," says Jim Johnston, one of Eison's employees. "Seriously, he is just a super good guy. He is a humble guy. He is excited about his business."

Eison's work isn't going unnoticed. On Monday he was among the minority business owners honored for significant business growth and dedication to the community.

But he knows life is a lot like the elevators he builds.

"One day you could be up and the next day you could be down," he said. "Growing up as a son of a single mother, we struggled. ... We never really wanted for a ton but didn't have a ton either."

But Eison didn't let life bring him down. And now he's on top, aiming for the next level.

"It is reassuring that hard work pays off," he said. "And those late nights and early morning and those types of things, they really pay off. "