ST. PAUL, Minn. - Families can now get a sneak peek inside of the renovated Minnesota Children's Museum in downtown St. Paul, after it had been closed for months for a $30 million dollar overhaul.

Among the new features: funky furniture, a four-story maze, and all new exhibits such as a carpet skate park, green screen climbing wall, and Sprouts-- a climbing space for the youngest visitors.

The Minnesota Children's Museum opened in 1995 and this is its first overhaul. It includes a cafe, coffee bar and more seating.

"It's so much more open. I think that's the really big thing, it feels more clean and just more inviting," said parent Maria Peters.

Museum Vice President of External Relations Bob Ingrassia says a major difference that guests will find is that there are no instructions at each exhibit, which was done on purpose.

'They're not being told what to do or how to do it, but really they get a chance to assess their situation, figure out their challenge or what they want to do, and then make adjustments if things don't go exactly the way they thought at first," Ingrassia said.

The museum reopens Wednesday, June 7, but there are still tickets available for the sneak peek which runs until then. For more information, click here: