MINNEAPOLIS -- A teenager has her struggles. They often range from how tackle algebra to how to find out who to take to the school dance. 14-year-old Lexi Roland struggles with the first of those, but not really the last, as she is way too busy practicing her snowboard skills here at home and on mountains all over the West coast.

"I'd much rather do this," Roland said as she made her way to the hill at Hyland.

Lexi Roland is spending her early teen years doing exactly what she did right after her toddler years.

Back when Burton Snowboards signed her to a contract deal at the age of 7.

Back when she charmed her way into the snowboarding scene with her skills and her swagger.

This girl is no joke.

"It's just a different type of freedom and I love it," Roland said when I asked what it was about the sport she loved so much to dedicate all of her time to it.

Lexi had to give up the life of a regular kid, like traditional school for home schooling, she could focus on the job at hand.

For 2-to-3 hours a day the hills of Hyland Ski area are her classroom.

"She's been riding the best that she ever has," coach Matt Gustafson said of Lexi.

What is possible for Lexi may come the next Olympic Winter Games.

"She is on the right path to where she needs to be," Gustafson said.

But lexi doesn't think that way, she rides that way.

"I want to go there eventually. It's going to take a lot of hard work on my part," Roland sheepishly admitted.

This year Lexi will go to at least 15 competitions nationwide.

If she wins at a few of those it will score her points and points take her to Team USA.

She's flawless and funny.

No wonder this kid got a major contract when she was 7-years-old.

Never mind the fact that what she does on the board defines at times, and defies even more the laws of physics.

A course she's yet to take, of course.