MINNEAPOLIS -- Three Minnesota adventurers are aiming to empower women through a documentary they're creating about their 4,000 mile expedition on the Mississippi-Missouri-Jefferson River System.

Lisa Pugh and Alyce Kuenzli made history last year when they were the first women to canoe the length of the fourth longest river system in the world. Their photographer Victoria Carpenter went along for the journey, capturing video and images along the way. Now she's working on turning those images into the documentary Source of Confidence: Source to Sea.

This year they released the documentary's trailer, giving a sneak peek of the journey that they hope will inspire women to find their own source of confidence.

"In order to build confidence, it's important to take positive risks," said Pugh. "We learned a lot about confidence and how to build confidence and how to share building confidence with other people."

The women are now working to create a nonprofit that helps other women do the same.

"We spent 200 days hiking and canoeing--mostly canoeing--from Montana to Louisiana," said Pugh. "It was me and Alyce paddling, and then Vickie, our support woman and film crew extraordinaire, joined us for different resupplies along the way and has been shooting to make a documentary of the whole expedition and the confidence building process."

The women plan on releasing their finished documentary in 2018.