GOLDEN VALLEY - Every time Phil Koenigs thinks it might be a little early to tune up his snowblower, he'll flash back to the 1991 blizzard that Minnesota will never forget.

“I think there's still snow on the ground from that storm,” said Koenigs, who lives in New Hope.

He’s not the only one. Dozens of people came to Kuiper’s Ace Hardware in Golden Valley Thursday for shovels and salt, snowbrushes and snowblowers, though many still aren't done raking leaves.

“They don't want to get caught off guard,” said Steve Gates, the store’s manager. “When they see it falling on the ground, that's when they panic.”

There’s no panic at MnDOT, where crews ordered road salt back in May. With more than 800 plows and 1,700 drivers, crews say they say they're ready for anything.

“We should be good for the year,” said MnDOT Spokesperson Kevin Gutknecht.

MnDOT is urging drivers to check their tires, headlights, wipers and washer fluid to prepare for Friday’s slushy roads.

“That could grab tires,” said Gutknecht, “But (our advice is) just slow down and get your mindset right, because it's going to be different now than it was in the middle of July when it was 80 degrees.”

Temperatures likely won’t be that warm again for awhile, but this snow won't stay long either. With the ground still so warm, it should be gone in a hurry, though chilly temperatures may be here to stay.

“You never know which way it's going to go,” said Gates.