MINNETONKA, Minn. -- There will soon be a go-to place to listen to music by Minnesota artists online.

Hennepin County Library (HCL) is looking for local musicians for its new online streaming and download platform, called MnSpin, that will launch at the end of the year.

MnSpin opened for submissions yesterday and will stay open until Aug. 2. Artists of all genres are encouraged to submit one song.

"We've already had 20 musicians step up and submit a song for consideration and what we're finding is that they tend to be new musicians, younger, and we are getting a broad range of genres," said Johannah Genett, HCL division manager for resource services.

Library staff and local music experts will select up to 40 albums that will be available through MnSpin. Thanks to a Friends of the Hennepin County Library grant, artists will be paid $200 per album.

"Hennepin County Library has a long history of offering local music available for patrons to check out and what we're discovering is that as more musicians record their music digitally and release it digitally, not as many people are putting out CDs. So this service is going to allow us to continue to offer local music but in a way that's more accessible for listeners to get a hold of today," Genett said.

Anyone can stream the music but HCL cardholders will be able to download the songs for free.

"So they'll be opening their music up to a new fanbase," Genett said.

According to Genett, MnSpin will launch in winter 2017. They're hoping to do two more rounds of submissions in 2018--adding another 80 albums.

If you are interested in submitting, you can find more information here.