MINNEAPOLIS - The moratorium on tear downs and new construction in Minneapolis will continue, for now.

The city's Zoning and Planning Committee voted Thursday to take two more weeks to reassess, but not before they got an earful from those in support and those against the moratorium.

"I've had my property lot invaded," said one resident.

"When a house is torn down and replaced in our dense urban environment," said another. "We are altering not only that lot, but the block and the entire neighborhood."

A fair share of those in favor of the moratorium said something should have been done sooner.

Others argued the construction stoppage does more harm than good.

"It will cause people to lose income, it will cause people to lose jobs," said a real estate representative.

The city council is concerned about the scale, scope, conduct and rapid pace of tear downs and infill development in the lower density residential zoning districts of the Linden Hills, Fulton, Armatage, Kenny and Lynnhurst neighborhoods.