GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn.-This holiday season, how aboutgiving thegift of healthy living!Fitness expert Chris Freytagshared these eight ideas of some fun and trendy gifts this year.

1.FlipBelt: $28.99

The biggest nuisance that athletes face - where to tuck must-have items while exercising...thing like your keys, phone, music, gel packs and credit cards.

Problem solved - check out the FlipBelt - the singular tubular waistband that helps you go hands free.

• No bounce- stays in place when you move.

• Multiple openings, easy access to items

• Fits almost all phones and devices

• Machine washable Spandex/Lycra blend.

• Comes in 5 sizes - XS-XL

**use coupon code NBC11 for 10% off

2.Claves Custom Fit Earphones: $200

Hottest item today -earphones. Claves Audio Custom Fit Earphones are the only custom fit earphones on the market designed specifically for athletes. Developed by a local St Thomas Student and Entrepreneur, their unique process allows athletes to wear their Claves in virtually any situation without worrying about their earphones ever falling out.

Custom mold means earphones that fit your ears perfectly and no one else's. They won't fallout unless you take them out. A custom mold also means extreme comfort while performing various activities. Their cord features anti-tangle technology. And you can add any school logo you want and pick your color scheme. The state-of-the-art sound system features dual-reciever technology for unmatched sound quality..

The process is very easy. To order Claves Custom Fit Earphones you need to make an appointment to get your ears molded. You can do this by emailing, or messaging them on Facebook ( The appointment lasts 10 to 15 minutes and they will come to your own home or meet you at any Lifetime Fitness location. During this appointment you will also create your own design for your Claves Earphones choosing colors and logos. Takes 7 days to deliver.

3.The Mat: Yoga Mat by Lululemon $68

This yoga mat means business. It's a great, thick and cushiony mat to take with you to your yoga classes or use at home. The antimicrobial additive prevents mold and mildew. The polyurethane coating will stay grippy even through a really sweaty Vinyasa.

4.Athleta Sparkly Wide Headband $17

Not only does it stay in place and shimmer and shine, but it's also made in the USA! This headband is a fun accessory to a cute outfit but I also love it for my workouts. The velvet underside creates a no-slip grip but is gently on your hair. Fun colors!

Fitness Trackers:

These easy-to-use gadgets track how much you move, eat, and sleep-providing real-time stats and analysis so you can make smarter lifestyle choices. When you see how simple tweaks (like sitting less and taking a lunchtime lap around the office) have big payoffs, you'll be motivated to improve your score day after day.

5.Jawbone Up: $130

The UP seamlessly becomes part of your everyday life, thanks to its extra long battery life (10 days) and sleek design. The app is super user-friendly and motivating. The bracelet comes in a variety of colors and sizes and sets up in a few minutes. iOS compatible.

How to use it: Wear all day around your wrist; just remove if taking a swim.

• Calories burned

• Step count

• Heart rate

• Sleep

• Food

• Mood

• Shower friendly

6.FitBit Flex: $100

Monitor your step count throughout the day by tapping the wristband to see how many LED lights flash. The more that light up, the closer you are to your daily goal. Bonus: Charting progress is easy-the tracker syncs wirelessly to your computer and smartphone (iOS and some Galaxy phones.) Battery life is around 4-5 days and charges quickly. The wrist band is adjustable making it really comfortable. Affordable to switch out colors on wristbands. The app is user friendly and motivating. Easy to set up!

How to use it: Wear all day around your wrist; just remove if taking a swim.

• Calories burned

• Step count

• Heart rate

• Sleep

• Food

• Mood

• Shower friendly

7. iBitz: $34.99 for ibitz Kids PowerKey and $49.99 for adult Unity.

iBitz by GeoPalz, wireless activity trackers for the whole family!

With iBitz for kids (Power Key), children will have their character blast off and explore the galaxy in a spaceship powered by their steps. The more active the child is, the more they can explore and the more rewards they can earn.

Adults can set goals and add rewards for their child to keep them active and exploring. Kids can even earn coins and exclusive content through Disney's Club Penguin.

The iBitz for Adults (Unity), tracks minute by minute activity, including steps, distance, and calories burned, for themselves as well as the entire family, by day, week, month or year. Both are colorful, durable, lightweight devices that employ advanced accelerometer technology to monitor family physical activity.

Both sync wirelessly to iOS apps.

Kids device can set goals and earn rewards and prizes on line in conjunction with Amazon.

Easy to clip on the shoe or the hip.

Parents can set and manage family fitness goals.

Available at most Best Buy stores and some Targets.

8.The PCH reusable Hot/Cold Pads: $29.99

Ideal for those suffering from pain or stiffness, this easy-to-maneuver pad provides up to two hours of hot or cold relief.

The pad can be put in the freezer to provide cold to areas affected with pain and swelling. The simple click of a "activation trigger" starts a unique, instant crystallization process that produces heat up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit within seconds. These heat pads can produce therapeutic heat from 30 minutes to two hours or more. After use, the spent heat pack can be recharged by simply placing it in hot water for a few minutes and following the simple instructions included on each pad.

Neck/Shoulder pad: Brookstone:

Back Pad: Brookstone: