MINNEAPOLIS - Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau announced Wednesday the department will have a new division starting March 5th.

The Division of Community and Collaborative Advancement will continue to build and elaborate on community trust. The CCA Commander will be Charlie Adams, currently a Sergeant with MPD and a 31-year police veteran.

Adams will oversee many different units including the Procedural Justice Team, the Engagement Team, the Support Team and the Cedar Riverside/West Bank Safety Center.

Adams’ son, daughter, and brother are all members of the MPD.

“As a well-respected and credible leader, both within the MPD and out in the communities we serve, Commander Adams is a perfect fit to lead this division,” Harteau said. "I am confident Charlie will continue his legacy through this new position, which will ensure the MPD continues its progressive initiatives and community policing plans in the years to come.”