MINNEAPOLIS - One of Minneapolis' newest parks is poised to become the first with a BYOB policy.

The Minneapolis City Council, is expected to soon approve a plan to allow beer and wine at the Downtown East Commons Park across from US Bank Stadium.

Minneapolis City Council member Jacob Frey has been pushing for the change for months and says it has the potential to make the park and city more enticing.

"As other world class cities do this, I don't think Minneapolis should necessarily be any different, so we're going to try it out on a limited basis at the Commons, during select events," Frey said.

Some residents are looking forward to the change, which is expected to be finalized by the council soon.

"I live down here. Generally this isn't being used that much so it would just be nice to see some people out and about kind of enjoying it," said Molly Braun.

"I'm a big fan of that actually," said Nick Fritz, who lives two block away. "I think it would bring more people out. I definitely would since it's so close."

Frey says the council will pay close attention to the changes, along with the times bottles are allowed. He underscores that it would largely apply to evening gatherings.

"So you have Wednesday movie night in the park, you bring your pastrami sandwich, you bring a six-pack of Grain Belt and you have a good time with your friends," Frey said.

Some residents say they'll be watching too.

"I think it will be good as long as people don't abuse it," said Meghan Mosvick, who lives nearby.

"If it’s a controlled environment then yes, it’s fine," said Tina Sellers, who works downtown. "If it's just people sitting here drinking, I don't know about that."

The council plans to monitor that activity... and underscore that daytime, family events are not the intended target.

The change would not impact other city parks, which are overseen by the Minneapolis Park Board. It would also not alter policies for private events and permits allowing alcohol to be purchased on site.