MINNEAPOLIS - Amid the calls for Justice for Justine, one Minneapolis Somali leader claims there has also been racist blow-back against their community.

"We have a tragedy at hand, and we have a community that's frightened. That's what I want to highlight and that's the reason we're here," said Minneapolis City Council Member Abdi Warsame.

Officer Mohamed Noor, who pulled the trigger and killed Justine Damond, is Somali-American.

And Minneapolis City Council Member Abdi Warsame is calling for an end to racism and Islamaphobia that he says has targeted their community since then -- mostly through online and social media comments.

But he specifically called out former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, for insinuating in a speech last week that Noor may have shot Damond for "cultural reasons."

"But when you have someone like Congresswoman Bachman say this was done because he was a Muslim. I mean, I think that's unacceptable," Warsame said.

A lot has happened in the week since the shooting. Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau in a news conference Thursday said the shooting shouldn't have happened.

Then the next day -- Harteau resigned.

Mayor Betsy Hodges that night said she isn't going anywhere, then was shouted off the podium by protesters.

Meantime, the Bureau of Criminal Investigation is nearing the end of its investigation into the shooting after finding and interviewing a bicyclist who stopped and watched officers perform CPR on Damond.

From there, the BCA will turn the case over to the Hennepin County Attorney to decide whether to charge the officer.

Officer Noor still hasn't talked to the BCA, and his attorney hasn't indicated one way or another whether he plans to.

Interim police chief Medaria Arradondo has not granted an interview since he was named interim chief on Friday.

The city council will have to approve Arradondo before he can take the title permanently.