ST. PAUL - The St. Paul chapter of the N.A.A.C.P. is calling for St. Catherine University to do more than fire the security guard who lied about a black man shooting him.

Members of the group want Brent Ahlers, 25, to pay for resources the city used to search for a suspect that never existed.

Members of the African American Leadership Council, a coalition of groups promoting social justice, say they are satisfied with the termination of Ahlers but sent a letter to the St. Catherine University president with the following requests:

  1. St. Catherine’s issue a public apology to our three organizations and to our community.
  2. St. Catherine’s issue a public apology to the Saint Paul Police Department and other law enforcement officers involved in the search.
  3. St. Catherine’s agrees to have a meeting with the leadership of our organizations to discuss this matter with you and the African American leadership on campus as this is a teaching moment for all of us.

Police say Ahlers said he was shot by a black man on Tuesday night.

Ahlers later confessed to shooting himself but tried to cover it up, so he wouldn't lose his job.

Ahlers has been charged with a misdemeanor for filing a false report.

Robert McClain, a community activists in St. Paul, said police searched three black male, including two teens, the night of the incident.

Members of the group said the false report put black men in danger.

“When they were approached, they were approached with guns drawn. We think that the biggest apology should come from St. Catherine’s or the security company that hired this individual and this individual should be required to pay for the services,” McClain said.