Remember snow days? As a kid you'd go to bed the night before feeling the excitement and anticipation. In the morning, you'd rush to the window to view the untouched, white magnificence that blanketed your surroundings. Gloves and hats would be thrown on, cocoa was made, and out the door you went to play all day in it.

As an adult (unless you are on a ski slope), snow doesn't seem so pleasant. When you are a grownup, snow sucks for these five reasons:

1) No snow days

Teachers aside, most of America works when it snows. Unless, of course, it is too dangerous to be on the roads. You may also have a boss that grew up in Colorado or New Hampshire and considers telecommuting when it is snowy outside a waste of a work day. Two feet? Four feet? Get your butt into the office.

2) Cleaning off the car, shoveling the driveway, salting the property

Snow is work. You may spent a good portion of time trying to remove that pesky white stuff.

3) What to do with the kids?

They have a snow day and now you have a problem. Do you take a day off from work, hire a babysitter or bring them with you?

4) Other drivers on the road

There are two kinds of people in this world. People that can drive in the snow and those that can't. You know who you are. Some are too slow, some go too fast. It really can be a nightmare out there.

5) No snow angels or snowman (without judgment)

Unless you can grab a 5-year-old to accompany you, people may wonder when you plop down in a nearby park and start waving your arms and legs rapidly to construct a perfect snow angel.