The magnitude and number of people affected by the landslide on State Route 530 is hard to comprehend.

Sisters Helen and Irene know the reality. It was here that they grew up alongside their sister Linda McPherson.

McPherson never moved away and was there on Saturday when the family farm was swallowed by the earth. They fear she is one of the slide's victims.

It's tough for them to look at what has been the family home for five generations, but they braved the rising waters to find family heirlooms.

In the muck, Irene's grandson Quinton found a glimmer of light in the middle of all the darkness.

The family's chocolate lab, Buddy, was stuck in the rubble, but still alive. Buddy is home now, shaking, cut and bruised.

Rescuers believe Buddy was carried 100 feet in the mud. His owner is still missing.

And after a weekend filled with loss, this seems like a victory.