CHICAGO - He was once the most powerful man in the world, but these days Barack Obama can't use work as a reason to get out of jury duty.

The former president arrived in downtown Chicago Wednesday via motorcade and reported to the Cook County Courthouse. He took a private elevator used by judges up to the 17th floor, but going in the back way did not mean Mr. Obama did not cause a stir, as fellow prospective jurors approached to shake his hand or ask to pose for a selfie. Some, knowing Obama might have to report, brought his book and asked him to sign.

Social media was flooded with pictures and videos of Obama in the assembly room, waiting to see if his name would be called.

Ultimately Mr. Obama was not selected and left the courthouse around noon.

The Chicago Tribune noted that he is not the first famous resident of the city of big shoulders to draw jury duty. Oprah Winfrey sat on a jury in 2004 that convicted a man of first-degree murder. Ten years later, in 2014 Mr. T, whose real name is Lawrence Tureaud, appeared for jury duty but was not selected.

Former President Barack Obama has arrived in Chicago for jury duty. Wearing a sport coat and shirt, but no tie, Obama waved as he walked near the Richard J. Daley Center in downtown Chicago on Wednesday morning. Timothy Evans, the presiding judge of the Cook County chief judge, told county commissioners weeks ago that Obama would serve in November, but would not say when