TACOMA – Authorities in Washington State say a man suspected of fatally shooting a Tacoma police officer has himself been shot and killed.

That officer died after being shot several times Wednesday night in Tacoma's Eastside neighborhood.

The male shooting suspect was barricaded inside a home with a rifle near East E St. and E. 52nd St., but police confirmed around 6 a.m. Central Standard Time that tactical officers fatally shot the man.

KING TV reports that two children who were in the home with him, an 8-year-old boy and an 11-year-old girl, were safely removed from the home.

The male officer responded to a domestic call about 4 p.m. when the shooting took place, according to police. A neighbor said he heard two to three shots fired. The officer was transported to Tacoma General Hospital for surgery after the shooting, and police released details of his death about 9 p.m.

Officers gathered outside the Tacoma, Washington hospital where a brother in blue was pronounced dead. 

There will be a procession leaving the hospital to the medical examiner's office about 10 p.m.

Several shots were fired in the area, including a series of shots about 7:30 p.m., where bangs were heard coming from the direction of the home.

Police were able to get adults and children out of the home following the shooting. Authorities do not believe anyone besides the suspect is still inside.

Kristi Croskey said she was in the home at the time of the shooting to retrieve some items she had left there. Croskey, who moved out of the home about seven months ago, said she knew the suspect and his wife and didn't know of any problems in the relationship.

"I'm caught off guard just like everybody else," Croskey said.

There is a large police presence at Tacoma General Hospital, and a chaplain arrived several hours after the officer was transported for surgery.

Roads in the area are blocked off as police investigate.

The shooting had an eerie sense of familiarity for some, as Tuesday marked the seventh anniversary of a Lakwood police shooting. In 2009, four Lakewood officers were shot to death at a coffee shop. Retired Lakewood Police chief Bret Farrar said he hopes the community will be as supportive as after that shooting.

Farrar said the public's outpouring of support really helped his department heal.

"People wouldn't say anything, just shook our hands or give us a hug. It helped," Farrar said.