Feeling the Monday blues a bit more today?

You're not alone.

With millions of people around the world coming back to work on Jan. 6, various web analytics and social media statistics showed that Jan. 6 is the most depressing day of 2014. Further analysis showed it is mainly because it is the first Monday of getting back to work.

According to Daily Mail UK, a tool was used to measure a certain level of "sentiment and happiness" taken from a random sample of tweets of British users. The Upbeat Barometer, the tool used analyzed a total of 2,2305,298 tweets done in January for the past three years. It picked out not so happy phrases and twitter messages that showed the decrease of the happy mood during this month.

Since the study was conducted for the past three years, it has always resulted with Monday having the lowest score when it comes to reaching the happy mood. In the happiness index with scores of 0 to 100, the first Monday of the last three years averaged to 49 only, TVNZ wrote.

Reasons More People Are Depressed Jan. 6, 2014

The most recent report revealed that most feel low because of lack of sleep and the struggle to keep up with their New Year's resolutions. Guilty-ridden tweets are also five times higher as people go back to work and get to arrive in a lot of realizations. The report also showed that the female population seem to stay more positive throughout the entire first month of the year.

Out of a total score of 100, most women got an average of 67. Susan Hignett, brand manager of a high energy protein drink called Upbeat, said it is normal for people to find some days very tough to stay positive.

However, there are also the leading times of the year when almost everyone feels great, upbeat, motivated and positive. Those top six dates of 2013 include Dec. 24 and 25, Jan. 1, Feb. 14, April 20 and July 7.

Jan. 6 can truly be a depressing day. But there are ways that an individual can do to keep him on top of his moods and stay happy.