GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Are your kids ignoring your texts?

There's an app for that.

Born out of the frustration of a parent whose messages were going unanswered, ReplyASAP makes that "When are you coming home?" text a whole lot harder to ignore. The sender's message will appear on the recipient's phone over whatever they will doing, and will make noise until the person interacts with it – even if the phone is on silent. The sender gets a notification when it has been read.

The creator, Nick Herbert, writes on the app's website that his son, Ben, was ignoring his texts frequently, and he had no way of knowing whether they had been seen. With ReplyASAP, he says, he can choose to send an important message that can't be ignored.

Herbert says he showed the designs to Ben as he was working on the app.

"He likes the idea because he will know that if he gets one of these messages then he will always hear it," Herbert writes. "He will also have the ability to send me these messages - so there is a mutual understanding that using ReplyASAP is only for important things and not because he needs new batteries for his xbox controller."

There are other uses for the app, like sending a quick and urgent message, or finding your phone when you've lost it, Herbert says.

More information is available on the ReplyASAP website.