PORT WING, Wis. - Huge waves from Lake Superior have destroyed a boardwalk built by the Port Wing, Wisconsin community this past June.

According to the President of the Port Wing Area Business Association, Janet Johnson, the boardwalk was built after multiple businesses and community members were able to donate materials and money to collect everything needed to build the structure.

Johnson says the handicap accessible boardwalk had stainless steel plates engraved with the names of each section's sponsor, and also included eight benches.

An exact dollar amount of damage hasn't been determined, but Johnson said the estimated cost to build the boardwalk was between $12,000 and $15,000.

If you would like to donate to help rebuild the Boardwalk, you can drop off or send money to the Port Wing Area Business Association.

Meantime, there are roughly 1,600 customers without power in the Duluth area as of Friday night. The City of Duluth is also asking residents to conserve water until Saturday morning. The city says the water treatment plant is not able to properly treat the intake of water due to the excessive inflow of sediment as a result of the high lake levels.