MINNEAPOLIS - The excavation is about 55 percent complete, 460,000 cubic yards of dirt has been removed and the foundation elements of the new Vikings stadium are taking shape.

As of Friday, 45 of 300 drill piers are completed which will allow plenty of concrete to be poured in the coming months.

As early as next week, workers will begin to pour concrete for the "super truss."

The truss will start 55 feet underground and then another 20 feet into the native rock. When complete, the truss will extend into the sky and attach to the roof of the stadium.

The debris piles from the Metrodome are starting to shrink and at least 80 percent of the materials from the dome will be recycled.

As for the Super Bowl in 2018, Minneapolis is in the running with Indianapolis and New Orleans.

The preliminary bid is due to the NFL in April and team owners will make a decision in mid-May at the annual owners meeting.