MINNEAPOLIS - Yes, we are still talking about the ongoing construction on Nicollet Mall. The progress, however, is undeniable.

“Today we have 75-percent of the intersections fully restored to traffic. The remaining intersections will be open by Labor Day,” said Don Elwood with Minneapolis Public Works.

Which could mean less congestion in downtown Minneapolis.

“One of the key features in Nicollet Mall is the raised intersections what we did was bring the roadway up to the same level of the sidewalk. Nicollet Mall is the second largest collection of public art in the city. The old art we took off the mall, cleaned it up and it’s starting to come back. We also have new art with the mall and one of those is the Ned Kahn’s Prairie Tree. And there's the Light Walk, which is a two-block lighted structure between 6th and 8th along the mall,” said Elwood.

According to the Minneapolis Downtown Council, this adds vibrancy and vitality to existing and prospective business on Nicollet.

“We have a new bar and restaurant that opened on Nicollet Mall “Hop Cat”, Nordstrom Rack is set to open in September, we have Target finishing a completion of a $10 million redevelopment. The former Barnes and Noble space is another $10 million investment announced for that space. The former Macy’s space is under a complete redevelopment with a retail emphasis on the first level and skyway level,” said Leah Wong with the Council.

Elwood added the project is still set to be substantially complete by November 2017.