MINNEAPOLIS -- After a long hiatus, the restored Sculpture Clock is back on Nicollet Mall and working again.

"It's just an amazing transformation. It's beautiful," said Brian Boggs of Minneapolis.

Artist Jack Nelson, who was known for his kinetic pieces, designed the Sculpture Clock. It was installed in 1968 as part of the first Nicollet Mall.

When looking at the top, it looks like a traditional street clock; however, below the clock faces hangs a kinetic sculpture.

It ran continuously for over 30 years but spent more than a decade idle before it was removed in 2015 during construction for a new Nicollet Mall.

"People have been telling us for the last few years how this is a real top priority for them in terms of Nicollet Mall. 'Save the clock, save the clock,' everyone kept saying," said Mary Altman, public arts administrator for the city of Minneapolis.

Kristin Cheronis, a sculpture and object conservator, led the restoration project from a northeast Minneapolis studio. More than 95 percent of the process was conserving and restoring the original pieces.

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Last Thursday, the Sculpture Clock -- located on 11th and Nicollet -- started working again.

"It's really a captivating piece and it really engages people at the pedestrian level. So people, as they walk by, can stop and really spend some time looking at it," Altman said.

The Sculpture Clock is one of nine pieces the city owns that are part of the new Nicollet Mall. It includes three new works of art: Ned Kahn's "Prairie Tree," Blessing Hancock's "Nicollet Lanterns" and Tristan Al-Haddad's "Nimbus."