ROGERS, Minn. - There will be no charges in connection with an anonymous Twitter account that eventually led to a student's suspension.

Rogers High School Senior, Reid Sagehorn, is currently serving a ten week suspension for responding to a tweet that claimed he was kissing a teacher.

That tweet started anonymously on the popular teen site called

The Hennepin County Attorney's Office says there's "insufficient evidence" to support the claim that any criminal offenses occurred.

"This has been a very emotional experience for all people involved. There's a lot of hurting people throughout the system,"Elk River District Superintendent Mark Bezek said earlier this week.

Bezek did not name the teacher and did not know how long she has been at the school but did confirm she is still teaching. Sagehorn's father said his son barely knew the teacher mentioned in the tweet.

Bezek said the district has an online code of conduct and Sagehorn's tweet violated that code. He hopes this incident teaches students to be careful about what they read and post on the internet.

An online petition to reverse Sagehorn's suspension already had more than 3,000 signatures earlier this week. Hashtag "FreeReid" has also been trending on Twitter.