Here's a timeline on North Korea's missile tests in 2017:

Feb. 12

The North conducts a successful launch of the new Pukguksong-2 intermediate range missile that travels 310 miles.

March 6

Four medium-range missiles were launched from a test site near North Korea’s border with China. Some flew about 620 miles, landing about 185 miles off the coast of Japan.

March 22

A mobile launched missile exploded seconds after launching.

April 5

A KN-17 missile was launched but landed in the Sea of Japan after traveling only 34 miles.

April 16

Another missile explodes shortly after its launch.

April 28

A KN-17 missile traveled 21 miles, breaking up in midair.

May 14

North Korea launches a missile that flies for 30 minutes and 435 miles, reaching an unusually high altitude of about 1,200 miles, before landing in the Sea of Japan.


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