FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. - The fight to #SaveTheCurds has come to an end.

After 42 years, the Original Deep Fried Cheese Curd stand says they're moving on. In a statement on Facebook, the family that helped bring cheese curds to the Minnesota State Fair back in 1975, said the fight is over.

A State Fair spokesperson confirms Big Fat Bacon will be moving into the cheese curd's space.

The iconic yellow stand, owned by Donna and Dick Mueller, had become a staple at the Great Minnesota Get-Together for decades. However, after hitting 80 years, Dick Mueller felt retirement would be best for his health. His hopes of having his son, Tom, take over the business and keep the tradition alive, was sadly denied by State Fair officials.

Jim Sinclair, deputy general manager for the Minnesota State Fair, says there have been times when food stand operators have been allowed to transfer their business to others, but he says it has been rare in recent years.

"We generally appreciate the longevity of the prior operator, but we want to look in a new direction if that opportunity presents itself," Sinclair said in April. "There will still be plenty of cheese curds on the fairgrounds."

After fighting the decision and getting plenty of support from the community -- including a tweet from local food celebrity Andrew Zimmern -- a final meeting with Fair officials left them without options to stay open.

"This journey has been a long, drawn out process that leaves me disappointed with the Fair's management," Tom Mueller wrote.