Minneapolis police are investigating several burglaries in the past month that have all targeted studios and offices spaces occupied by local photographers.

An hour after walking into 514 3rd Street last month, two men wearing gloves walked out with thousands of dollars in computers and cameras belonging to photographer Meghan Doll.

"It was absolutely devastating," Doll said.

Though the building itself was still open at 6 p.m., Doll's office was locked, so the two men kicked through a wall and tore apart her office before walking out with items, many of which were stuffed into her own bags.

"Just the feel of violation," Doll said. "You know, everything that I've worked so hard for over the last 25 years, just taken."

It's a feeling even more artists felt last week.

"They came in through one of the second-story windows, right off of this roof," said Emily Donovan, a manager at Architectural Antiques in Northeast Minneapolis.

Donovan says investigators told her two men likely gained access to all four floors and 22 artist units next door to the antique store at 1330 Quincy Street.

"They went through one wall," Donovan said. "It felt like they knew what they were doing. They did cut the security cameras."

For the many photographers and artists who work out of the building, the concern has been growing with news of each new break in.

"It's troubling," said photographer Brandon Werth. "This is the second time it's happened in this building in the last six months."

Werth says he stopped leaving computers and cameras in his space after the last break-in.

"They seemed to have a knowledge of what is what and my buddy on the second floor that was broken into, his stuff was in a safe, in his studio, and that got pried open," Werth said.

Though the buildings are already replacing doors, installing window alarms and increasing security cameras, that bad feeling remains.

"I think everybody is just kind of scared and backing up their stuff even more," Doll said. "Just taking any kind of measures they can to protect themselves."

The latest burglary targeting a photographer took place on Monday at 211 N. 1st Street in the North Loop. Minneapolis Police did get additional security footage from the crime and investigators are now looking into all three cases, in addition to any other similar crimes.