ZIMMERMAN, Minn. - Neighbors along Elk Lake continue to clean up after a tornado touched down on Monday.

Drive in the neighborhood and you'll see patched roofs, downed trees and the sound of chainsaws rattling.

For Brian Kulyas and his fiance Kasey Cowden, they lost the shed in their backyard. It was blown apart and inside it was all of their family photos and childhood memories.

"These are the only memories that we have right here, this is it," said Kulyas pointing to the couple's dining room table, which is piled with some of the items they and others have found throughout the week.

The couple moved to the neighborhood less than two months ago.

"People have been really nice, I can't believe it," said Kulyas.

A few streets away, Mikaela Ruper found two photos in her parents' yard after the storm.

"There was a little moisture on them but other than that, they were in perfect condition," she said.

Ruper posted to Facebook to try and find out who owned the photos.
Quickly, she learned they belong to Kulyas and Cowden.

"[It's] one of the happiest things that people could do for us, I mean it's priceless," said Kuylas, now holding the photos returned to them.

While all of their possessions are not found, having these two photos of family and friends gives the family comfort as they continue to search for their lost belongings.

"It was a small act, but it was big for them, and it was nice to get them back to their rightful owner. I hope this shows them what a great community they do live in," said Ruper.