Al Flowers

Age: 58

Bio: Al Flowers moved to Minneapolis from Chicago as a child with his family. He got his high school diploma and worked in Minneapolis Public Housing, where he says he saw injustice happening. That's where he got involved in organizing, and he has been a community activist ever since.

Education: High school diploma from Minneapolis Public Schools.

Work experience: Communication and outreach director for AAWMIN (African American Women and Men In Need), former owner of a child care center.

Political and public experience: Federal Mediation Committee, founder for social activist group United Black Legislative Agenda. Hosted a TV show on MTN (Minneapolis Telecommunications Network) called "Politically Speaking," and a radio show on KMOJ called "Community Value Conversations."

Main issues: Police reform, housing, ending poverty, making Minneapolis welcoming to all people, and economic development. His theme for the campaign is "Truth to the People" to establish transparency with city government and the people who are affected by their policies.

Why he is running:
"Many years ago, I brought the concerns of community members to meetings (city council, non-profits, so on), and people would stop the meeting because they did not want to talk about them. I thought people weren't listening to the suffering of our community. In the past few years, I have learned to listen; attending gatherings all over Minneapolis and talking to people of all races. With this approach, I heard the concerns and the similarities. So I started bringing people together to make a plan to change Minneapolis. Some in the community suffer from trauma, stress, domestic violence, homelessness, gang violence, and addiction. We have to first admit there is a problem, not be ashamed of it and be prepared to address all aspects of it - immediately. Once we identify the problem, we can work to get resources to bring solutions. All people are included in our Minneapolis, not just those who can afford $1,100 studio apartments. All people are welcomed in Minneapolis, not just those who have documents or citizenship. All people belong in Minneapolis, including Muslim, LGBTQA, Black, Asian, white, disabled, non-English speaking, undocumented, and much more. We all make a better Minneapolis, so let's make Minneapolis better for all of us. I need your support to make this happen. Together, we can bring peace and justice to all in Minneapolis."

What you might not know about him:
Flowers is a former small business owner.


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