ST. PAUL, Minn. - The Minnesota Legislature's budget work is at a standstill, with the Governor and Republican leaders showing no sign of budging on their positions.

Lawmakers have until May 22 to wrap up a new, two-year budget. But Republicans in the Senate couldn't pass any budget bills Thursday for a second day because a GOP senator's absence left them without the necessary votes. And Gov. Mark Dayton and legislative leaders weren't negotiating.

The Senate then announced it was adjourning until Monday.

Republicans have already sent Dayton five budget bills after pulling out of those talks. Dayton on Thursday reiterated his promise to veto them all.

Dayton criticized GOP leaders Thursday for backing away from negotiations, while House Speaker Kurt Daudt accused Dayton of trying to run out the clock.

The two sides have a mountain of differences to resolve. Dayton says he's still optimistic they can get it done when they resume work next week.