Charlie Gers

Age: 21

Bio: Gers is a student at the University of Minnesota, majoring in economics. He got involved with libertarianism after volunteering for the Iowa for Rand Paul caucus weekend in 2016. Gers moved from Florida last year and joined the Libertarian Party of Minnesota.

Education: Current undergrad student at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Work/political experience: Florida real estate agent, campus coordinator at Students for Liberty, summer intern at Young Americans for Liberty, chapter president at Students for Sensible Drug Policy (UMN-TC), outreach coordinator at Young Americans for Liberty (UMN-TC), vice president at UMN College Libertarians. He spoke at the Gary Johnson rally in Shakopee and at the Libertarian Party of Minnesota State Convention in April.

Main issues: Drug war, foreign policy, and minimum wage.

Party: Libertarian

Why he is running: "I am running because after years of being a liberty activist, it was time for me to step into the field and attempt to make a change. Through conferences, events, seminars, and interactions with other liberty-minded activists, I have gained a clear concept of what libertarianism is all about and I am confident that these ideas are what enables a society of mutual cooperation to progress. The ideas of freedom and individual liberty are the ideas on which this country was founded and it is crucial that we continue to advocate for these ideas. No one knows how to run your life better than yourself, so it is essential to maintain a small government that does not interfere with the rights of the individuals."


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