MINNEAPOLIS - Even before Chelsea Clinton got on stage, it was clear this rally was largely targeting the Latino community.

Chelsea spent the day in Minneapolis, stumping for her mother and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

"Comprehensive immigration isn't just about people who are immigrants or people who know they're parents' immigrant stories, it's about our bedrock American values," she said.

Clinton supporters traveled from as far as Faribault. Cynthia Gonzalez who say Donald Trump's rhetoric on immigration has galvanized her to speak out for Clinton.

"This is the first time I really want to go out and vote and tell people we really need to get united," Gonzalez said.

They support Clinton who has promised to tackle immigration reform within in her first 100 days in the White House, a similar promise, though from President Obama that never happened.

"I hope it happens. People are discouraged by that. That's the reality," said Marlen Rojas of Northfield.

But immigration reform was not the only issue they wanted to hear about.

"We care about jobs, we care economy, we care about affordable access to housing," she said

It's no secret Hillary Clinton has had trouble connecting with younger voters unlike her primary challenger Bernie Sanders.

"What's essential now is Hillary becomes more in step with what we want, and I think that's happening especially with Chelsea Clinton on the campaign trail," said Tyler Moroles with the Minnesota DFL Latino Caucus.

The very first question Chelsea Clinton took was not about immigration, but rather space exploration. Dressed in a space suit, 9-year-old Chile asked about funding for the space program. The exchange can be found here, or in the video below.