MINNEAPOLIS - There will soon be a new man at the helm of the Minnesota National Guard.

On Wednesday Gov. Mark Dayton named Maj. Gen. Jon A. Jensen to succeed Maj. Gen. Richard Nash, who is reaching mandatory retirement age in October. Jensen will begin his duties on October 31, and serve a seven-year term.

In a statement Wednesday, Dayton cited Jensen's command of the 34th Red Bull Infantry Division as well as serving as chief of staff to the Guard's Joint Force Headquarters.

Nash answered questions from reporters Wednesday, saying the Minnesota National Guard is prepared to send troops to Texas if asked. As of last night, his counterpart in Texas said to hold off for now. They’re more likely to request mutual aid first from states closer to Texas.

Minnesota's Guard currently has more than 13,000 members, with 500 troops currently deployed. The largest current deployment involves 200 citizen soldiers serving in Guantanamo Bay.