Elizabeth Dickinson

Age: 57

Bio: Born in Lowell, Mass., her parents met while her father was stationed in England during the Korean War. She's an only child who moved to St. Paul from California in 1999.

Education: University of Delaware, University of Cambridge in England. Master's in counseling from Lesley University. Life coaching certification from the Adler Graduate School.

Work experience: Public high school teacher; stage and television actor.

Political and public experience: Ran for the Ward 2 City Council seat in 2003 and for mayor in 2005; lobbyist for Minnesota Aids Project; campaign staff on Becky Lourey's gubernatorial campaign; national PTA organizer; environmental lobbyist; campaign staffer for Association for Nonsmokers.

Main issues: Dickinson is a longtime advocate for clean energy and thinks municipal policies are the only viable route for change. She pushed to close the High Bridge coal burning plant and is proposing to put solar panels on the city's schools. She wants to improve police training with better input from residents.

Party: Green Party

Why she is running: "I really think there is a qualitative difference I could bring to the mayor's office, and a lot of it is through people skills and engagement. ... I believe, as mayor, I will spend a lot of time with people ... and if you do that, in a non-judgmental way, that there's something profoundly different and healing about that, and it restores just a little bit of that trust in government."

What you might not know about her: Dickinson played a "pregnant, suicidal nun" in the first season of the "Spencer: For Hire" television detective show in 1985.

Website: http://www.elizabethdickinson.org/