MINNEAPOLIS - Republicans endorsed their choice for governor this weekend but other candidates are refusing to drop out, setting up a contentious primary battle.

"My biggest beef with Mark Dayton is everything is about government for him. It's about making government bigger, it's about getting more money from people to feed government," said GOP endorsed candidate Jeff Johnson, who is currently a Hennepin County commissioner.

Johnson secured his party's endorsement at the convention this weekend in Rochester, arguing that he is the most electable Republican. He will face several other Republicans in an August 12 primary.

"For people who are upset we're having a primary, we're participating in a primary that was going to happen anyway," said Marty Seifert, who filed his candidacy on Monday," said candidate Marty Seifert.

"I think we're going to have Minnesota Republicans want to come out and support us because they are going to like the fact that we're out campaigning across the state," said candidate Scott Honour.

As a primary battle shapes up, don't expect Governor Mark Dayton to watch quietly.

"He's going to have to spend some money to remind people that he's in the race otherwise the Republicans have a pretty good opportunity of really taking the headlines for a couple of months," said Hamline University political science professor David Schultz.

Schultz thinks the race could top $20 million in campaign spending.