Try as he might, Jon Stewart couldn't get Hillary Rodham Clinton to declare her candidacy for president on his show Tuesday.

The Daily Show host asked the former secretary of State a series of questions aimed at ferreting out the answer to the question she always gets now about her White House aspirations. For example, Stewart posited, does Clinton like to work at home … and does she prefer an office that doesn't have any corners?

"I think that the world is so complicated, the fewer corners that you can have, the better," Clinton said, playing along with Stewart's gag.

Does Clinton "enjoy" the constant criticism that comes with being president, Stewart wondered? "Enjoy is probably the wrong word," Clinton said, before adding "Expect, survive, live through. It just sort of comes with the territory."

Clinton made her first appearance on the Comedy Central show since she ran for president in 2008, and her third overall.

This was the latest in a series of network interviews Clinton has given to promote Hard Choices, her memoir about her tenure at the State Department. After a lengthy discussion about Israel and Gaza, Clinton said "leadership has to be very tough-minded and very strong, but they have to have enough support to make the hard choices."

The audience laughed at Clinton's way of bringing the discussion back to her book, and Stewart seemed impressed. "Honestly, that may be … the greatest segue back to a title," he said.