MINNEAPOLIS - Nothing to see here.

That is basically the reaction today from the Betsy Hodges campaign to a report by City Pages that important staffers are jumping ship and that the incumbent Minneapolis mayor's push for re-election is in disarray.

The headline for the City Pages piece reads "Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges' campaign staff quits en masse," and the article quotes an unnamed source as saying about a half-dozen key staffers have recently resigned. It describes an atmosphere of chaos, with little funding and meddling in the re-election effort by the mayor's City Hall staff.

When contacted for comment on the City Pages report the Hodges campaign attempted to clarify the facts of the story, releasing the following statement to KARE 11.

We have had several staff leave who came on early in the process, and we're happy that they stayed through the summer. We're grateful for all the work they did for the campaign. Now we're in the home stretch, we are fully-staffed, and we have the experienced team in place that will lead us to victory in November.